Hi Everyone,
I'm Tereza and I'm the founder of Repartae.  I am a  fashion photographer in NYC that loves to shoot beautiful clothes on models and friends.  I started Repartae because while spring cleaning my closet,  I quickly discovered that it had gotten out of hand.  While I loved so many of the items, I realized there are others that could get more use than I was.  So I talked to my friends, and realized it was a pretty common sentiment...we've been accumulating more clothes than there are days to wear them.  That's why Repartae started- to open up our closets and share them with you. 
So I've put my two passions together- great clothes and photography.  I brought a bunch of my friends to shoot each item and then put them on the site for you to check out and buy.  The items are all in great shape, cleaned, and ready to send to you. 
  • Step 1: I clear out my closet (my friend's closets too!)
  • Step 2: I bring my friends in and together we shoot each item
  • Step 3: Each item is cleaned and packaged for sale
  • Step 4: I put the item on Rapartae
  • Step 5: You find the item or items you like and purchase
  • Step 6: I send the items directly to you within 24 hours of purchase
There is no inventory.  You are buying the exact item that is being shot on the model.  As such, there are no returns.  However, rest assured, if you are unhappy for any reason- please reach out and I will try and make the situation right.
We are going to have a bunch of new items coming on both a weekly and monthly basis, so please sign up for our newsletter and I will drop you an email when new items are on the site for sale.  
I am so excited to get started and hope you love Repartae too.